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Your Bucket List Spa Experience Awaits

If you want to make the most of your December holiday, start working on that bucket list!

I recently decided to approach my  bucket list with more dedication and believe it or not, it  doesn’t have be a “one day far away from  now” thing. Your bucket list can and should be something you work on continuously.

We all know the saying,  you only live once, and we all know how serious this statement actually is, but why do we always tend to save everything for one day? Our bucket lists must become an everyday thing. (more…)

Couples who spa together stay together…

why Sediko is good for your marriage

  1. The ultimate escape

We all know the importance of date nights and spending time together, but a restaurant can only do so much to revive your relationship. What you really need is time away, a place to slow down, less cell phones and more eye contact. Time with each other without the kids, work or politics.

That is quite literally what Sediko Bush Spa is all about. It is not only situated in one of the most beautiful corners of Limpopo, but it is designed with the ultimate feeling of escape and tranquility in mind. The second you step through that door you completely forget about the outside world. From the background music, the décor and the layout to the serene setting surrounding the spa… it really is difficult to keep your work brain going. It is allmost as if you lose yourself for a moment.

NOW THAT is the kind of date we are talking about. (more…)

The 5 reasons why a visit to Sediko Bush Spa is good for your health

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The 5 reasons why a visit to Sediko Bush Spa is good for your health…

We  live in a time where we all need an emergency weekend away every now and then. Somewhere to go to escape, switch off all connections to the outside world and rediscover ourselves.

Sediko Spa will soon become your one stop to a new you. Need I say more?
Today we tell you all about the health benefits of regular visits to the spa. (more…)