In the beginning….

In the beginning….

In the beginning….

The design of any spa requires a bit more thought than that of the average house or building. Our first order of business long before deciding on the type of treatments, the colour scheme and interior design was to decide on the name and theme of the spa. This was crucial and it would lead to the inspiration behind every decision made for the duration of this project.

Can I have a drum roll please? Are you ready?    …… Introducing Sediko; the Tswana translation for the basic geometric shape of the circle. Allow me to connect this word with the vast meanings and symbolism that we have endlessly researched over the past few years.









Stand behind the eyes of the first human. Look out into the skies through these primitive eyes. With not-so-primitive understanding, you will see your first circles – the moon, the sun, the dots in the skies as planets, stars, and realize a grandeur of the shape.











We love how the irises and pupils of man’s eyes are a small representation of the circular nature of these grand circles of life (sun/moon/earth, etc.). It’s like we open our eyes to take in the expansiveness of the cycles in time, life and nature itself.

This finally brings me to the perception and experience that we wanted to create for every guest at Sediko.

We want Sediko guests to feel like the center point of attention…

Circles emphasize what is shown or happening within its contoured border for this reason everything surrounded by the outer limit of the circle becomes the center point of focus. Therefore, in any ancient scriptures an important figure or symbol was always drawn with the circle around it.

Sediko guests should feel encapsulated by grandeur, luxury, relaxation and they should feel comfortable, pampered and protected…

Thy symbol beckons the viewer to be drawn in and be included in the experience of whatever symbolic message the center may hold. It signifies an invitation to step inside and become part of whatever is promised on the inside

Visit a unique spa where one can balance mind, body and spirit away from the hustle and bustle of our concrete jungles…

There is a very good reason why the yin and yang symbols are made up of circles and how Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man made famous in the Da Vinci Code is symbolic of man’s ideal balance between mind and body and thought. We all have a constant hankering to feel complete and balanced and for the team at Sediko the symbol of the circle is the perfect inspiration to assist every guest to maintain this before they leave. For ages, the circle has always represented the ongoing energy of nature as there is no beginning or end to the shape!

Be inspired by circles and find new appreciation for its place in nature, utensils and treatments, and uses in creative interior design.

We see circles in so many flowers, seeds and plants and in the food that we eat. Some of these circles in nature where formed by natural growth, some by the action of the wine or the waves on natural textures, some by animals making homes or escaping homes even some are the byproduct unwanted by nature. Nothing is off limits here… have you checked out rabbit droppings?

This inspiration has opened our eyes and has our creative juices flowing while we incorporate circles in every interior aspect and have taken inspiration from them to design all the signature treatments for our prospective guests. Hint…. Hint…








I leave you with this thought. When you look at the circles in the bark of the tree: “One is at the same time the circle and the center!”

We simply can’t wait for you to immerse yourself in a world that literally has NO END!

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