Terms and Conditions of Access

Terms and Conditions of Access

Right of Admission is reserved. Each guest enters the landowners facilities and participate in the activities conducted within the facilities on a voluntary basis and at his or her own risk. Admission is subject to acceptance of the terms and conditions contained in this agreement.

  1. Indemnity

1.1 TAKE NOTICE THAT the facilities and associated activities conducted within the Reserve, may be subject to risks of an unusual character and nature, which could result in serious injury, illness, death or damage to property. These risks include, but is not limited to :

1.1.1. Attacks or injury by free roaming wild and dangerous animals, reptiles, birds and insects in their natural habitat, which, may include Elephant, Hyena, Buffalo, Rhinoceros, Leopard, Hippo, Crocodile, Antelope as well as poisonous snakes, spiders and insects. These animals are, by their very nature, unpredictable and extremely dangerous and any personal interaction with these animals and entry/swimming in rivers and dams are strictly prohibited.

1.1.2. Ingestion of poisonous plants, consumption of polluted water and bilharzia. Do not ingest unknown plants, leaves or fruits and do not consume water from, or enter or swim in rivers and dams.

1.1.3. Heat exhaustion and sunburn. Visitors are urged to use sunscreen and increase their intake of fluids in order to protect them against exposure to heat and sun.

1.1.4. Road accidents. Gravel roads, free roaming animals, potholes and erosion significantly increases the risk of road accidents. Please drive at a safe speed and pay special attention to animals, potholes, visitors and official vehicles of the reserve.

1.1.5. Drowning. Please refrain from entering or swimming in rivers and dams and never leave children unattended in the vicinity of rivers, dams and swimming pools.

1.1.6 Insect bites. Please use mosquito and bug repellent at all times to prevent bites from harmful insects. Such repellents do not prevent illnesses such as malaria.

1.1.7. Hazards and risks associated with rivers, streams, dams and other bodies of water that may be affected by unpredictable weather, tides, flooding and other circumstances, as the reserve may not have effective warning or control systems that might be otherwise expected in developed areas.

1.1.8. Criminal activity including hi-jackings, theft and robberies.

1.2 Although every effort is made to maintain roads, gates, floodgates, fences and to otherwise prevent any loss to visitors, the visitor acknowledges that it would be unreasonable to expect the landowner, associated companies, operators, managers, agents, representatives, servants or employees of the landowner to succeed in doing so within the context and environment of the facilities or within time frames as may be otherwise expected in developed areas.

1.3 The guest subsequently acknowledge that he/she acquainted himself/herself with and is fully aware of the real danger and risks associated with wildlife areas, game reserves, game lodges, hunting and associated activities, especially arising from the presence of wild and dangerous animals, reptiles, birds and insects and the real risk of bodily harm, illness, injury, death and / or damage to property, which may arise as a result from any encounter with the aforementioned creatures within the context of the particular circumstances prevailing on a game reserve environment.

1.4 The guest subsequently voluntarily assume the risk inherent in visiting these facilities, as well as participating in the activities thereon and hereby indemnify and hold harmless and free, the landowner, managers, associated legal entities, operators, their associates, agents, representatives, servants and employees against any and all such injury, illness, death, loss or damage which he/she may suffer, whether arising from an act or omission on their part or not. This indemnity includes any and all claims of whatsoever nature which may arise on behalf of his/her family, dependents and / or persons accompanying him/her. The landowner, associated legal entities, operators, their associates, agents, representatives, servants and employees shall further not be liable for punitive damages, indirect damages, consequential damages, loss of profits, third party claims or any claims imposed on the reserve by laws or statutes of countries outside of the Republic of South Africa. The guest warrants his/her authority to bind his family, dependents, minor children and persons accompanying him/her.

1.5 Guests suffering from a pre-existing medical condition should consult their physician before participating in any adventure activities and indemnify the landowner against any harm or adverse reactions suffered as a result thereof. The landowner may at its discretion and without prejudice and without admission of liability arrange emergency medical treatment for and on behalf of any guest. Guests also herewith accept and admit that the facilities and associated activities may hold potential danger to children and accepts full responsibility for the actions and safety of the children under their control including damage caused by such children.

1.6 In the interest of the safety and security of all persons, visitors voluntary subject themselves to random searches and routine checks and shall at all times adhere to the instructions of officials, managers, landowners and representatives of the reserve.

  1. Code of Conduct

Guest shall always adhere to code of conduct set out hereinbelow.

2.1 Ecological Concerns

2.1.1 No activities that have a negative impact on the natural environment or property of the landowner will be permitted.

2.1.2 Animals may not be injured, fed or disturbed in any way whatsoever.

2.1.3 The use of sound recordings to attract certain species for prolonged periods are strictly prohibited

2.1.4 Activities may not result in the consequential predation or lessened reproduction success of any species.

2.1.5 Inhumane and illegal treatment of wild animals should immediately be reported to the landowner whenever it is encountered.

2.1.6 Always leave the environment as it was found and minimize interference in and the disruption of natural processes as far as possible.

2.1.7 Night filming or photography should be carried out with no artificial lights and using only the latest approved technology in wildlife filming & photography.

2.1.8 In the event that it is necessary to use spotlights at night, such lighting must be covered with infra-red filters. Spotlights may, however not be used without the express permission of the landowner.

2.1.9 Always avoid damage to fauna, flora or rocks/ geological formations and consult the landowner prior to taking any vehicles onto sensitive locations.

2.1.10 Littering is not permitted and suitable arrangements must be made for the storage of all waste products during any activities.

2.1.11 Plants are conserved through the control of picking and of other actions that may be detrimental to protected plants. It is an offence to pick a protected plant without a permit. Picking or gathering is defined in wide terms as including cutting, chopping off, taking, plucking, uprooting, breaking, damaging or destroying. It is likewise an offence to pick protected and any other indigenous plants on land of which one is not the owner, including plants on a public road or within a certain area on both sides of a public road without a permit.

2.1.12 No pyrotechnics (including fireworks) shall be used or set off in or about the facilities of the landowner without the express consent of the landowner.

2.3.2 Always ensure compliance with provincial and national environmental laws and regulations.

2.3.3 Guests are not allowed to make any fires on any portion of the landowner’s property.

2.3.4 Smoking and the disposal of cigarette butts in the veld are expressly prohibited.

2.2 General Concerns

2.2.1 Guests are not permitted to traverse or travel on any portion of the landowner’s property in their own vehicles or in any other manner without supervision of a duly authorised tracker or professional hunter, save for public areas.

2.2.2 Always treat others with respect including fellow guests, employees and representatives of the landowner.

2.2.3 Loud music, shouting and other forms of nuisance is not permitted.

2.2.4 No pets are allowed.

2.2.5 Always follow the instructions and directions of the representatives of the Landowner.

2.2.6  Entry into or swimming in dams, lakes or rivers are not permitted.

  1. Protection of Personal Information

3.1 The client acknowledges and agrees that the landowner may collect the following information about or pertaining to the guest

3.1.1 Name, Identity Number, Passport Number, Registration Number, Contact Details, Addresses, Tax And Vat Reference Numbers,  Next of Kin, Transaction History with the guest, Service Level Agreements, History Of Telephonic Conversations, Formal Communications, Bank Account Numbers, Credit History and Ratings, Home Language as well as Security-Related Information.

3.1.2 Security-Related Information includes, but is not limited to Vehicle Registration No, Location Information, CCTV footage, and information incidental to scanning systems, security incidents, etc

3.2 This information will be collected from the guest, established credit bureaus, employees, security sub-contractors, consultants, advisors, CCTV footage, and other remote monitoring devices.

3.3 This information is collected and processed with the sole purpose of administering, managing, and developing landowner’s business and services and in pursuing its contractual obligations towards its guests.

3.4 Information will be retained under safe circumstances and generally for five years in terms of the Value Added Tax Act, 89 of 1991 as well as the Income Tax Act No 58 of 1962. It will further be destroyed utilizing incineration, shredding, and by way of deletion, in case of electronic information.

3.5 No further processing of the information or any trans-border transfers will be allowed save for, at most, electronic storage on cloud-based storage and accounting systems, the servers of which may be located in other countries.

3.6 The said information may be made available to professional advisors, when requested by the client, to law enforcement agencies, regulatory bodies e.g., PSIRA, security sub-contractors, advisors, and consultants.

3.7 The complete nature and scope of the processing of your personal information are contained in our Privacy Statement, a copy of which will be made available to the client on request.

3.8 The guest consents to the processing of his/her/its personal information by the landowner and consents to non-compliance with the provisions of Section 18(1) of the Protection of Personal Information Act.

  1. Photographic or Cinematic Creations

4.1 The commercial production of any creations, including photographs and films, irrespective whether such creations are of an educational, fictional or documentary nature, are not allowed, but guests are allowed to produce such creations for person enjoyment.

4.2 The guests shall not be entitled to post, tag or otherwise identify the landowner or its intellectual property (such as names, trademarks, logos, devices, slogans phraseology, catch phrases and taglines )in any blogs or posts on social media without the written consent of the landowner.

4.3 The guest irrevocable agree that the landowner may create cinematic or photographic creations of any activity which may include the faces or other identifiable features of the guest and that such creations may be used by the landowner for promotional purposes including posts of social media and blogs. The landowner shall not be entitled to tag or identify (by name) the guest.

Please remember that tips and gratuities are excluded from quoted prices.

This quotation does not include draping, flowers, additional décor, specialized audio visual equipment, additional equipment or technical STAFF or any other item unless specified. If any of the additional items are needed, please supply the exact requirements and an updated quotation will be provided.

Please specify if the Venue has to be Wheelchair friendly.

All of the above rates are inclusive of 15% VAT.

All special dietary requirements must be communicated at least 48 hours prior to the event.

It remains the organizer`s responsibility to keep the banqueting department informed of confirmation, deposits, number of guests and payment method to ensure the provisional booking is secured. Should any changes be made to the quotation after receipt of a deposit payment. The quotation will no longer be valid, and a new quotation will be generated with the new booking requirements.


100% Full payment is due 7 days prior to the event.


Without a signed quotation & deposit in place Palala Boutique Game Lodge & Spa reserves the right to release any/all arrangements stipulated in this quotation. Should you require a pro-forma invoice, please contact our banqueting coordinator. Please e-mail the proof of payment to the coordinator at events2@palala.co.za once payment has been made. Any amounts/extras incurred during the event must be settled on presentation of the final invoice, at the time of departure.


The client shall be responsible for any damaged caused to the allocated rooms or by any act or omission of the client or the guests/employees/delegates service providers hired for the function.


It remains the organizer`s responsibility to inform all representatives, delegates, employees, service providers and facilitators regarding the expenses that may or may not be charged to the main account.


Once a signed quotation has been received, a deposit paid and a provisional booking has been made – the following rules regarding cancellation of the function / accommodation will be applied:

Up to 30 days prior to arrival, 100% of rooms / conference facilities / catering arrangements reserved may be cancelled with no cost.

Up to 14 days prior to arrival, 50% of rooms / conference facilities / catering arrangements reserved may be cancelled with no cost.

7 days to 0 days to arrival, 100% cancellation fee will apply on rooms / conference facilities / catering arrangements reserved.

No Cancellation fee is applicable if the function is cancelled in writing 2 weeks prior to the function ad Palala Boutique Game Lodge & Spa suffers no financial loss of other business or services / accommodation contracted out, where cancellation fees apply to the Lodge.


Palala Boutique Game Lodge & Spa reserves the right to charge for any additional guests or adjustments made on the day of the event due to changes to the number of attendees. The conference organizer will be held responsible to settle the outstanding balance on the day of the function. Final attendant figures needs to be confirmed by no later than 75 hours prior to the event. Palala Boutique Game Lodge & Spa will only be able to cater then for your final confirmed figures. No smoke or haze machines may be use in any venue without written consent from the Lodge Management.


All food and beverage items must be supplied by Palala Boutique Game Lodge & Spa. No items of such nature will be permitted to be brought in.


Buffet – Main course must be served within 60 minutes of time communicated with the coordinator. Dessert must be served by latest 09:30pm on all events. Décor from outside suppliers must be cleared from the venue directly after the event or before 9am the following morning. Items such as cutlery, glassware and linen supplied by yourself or supplier must be delivered in a ready to use state no later than 48 hours prior to the event. Flowers must be brought to the venue already assembled. All draping, boards, marketing material and the likes must be free standing and may not be put up against any walls or structures of the venue.


The Palala Boutique Game Lodge & Spa and Matoppie Restaurant has a strict smart casual dress code. Should any non-compliance to the above clauses occur, Palala Boutique Game Lodge & Spa reserves the right to release the booking without prior notification.


Reservations made and guaranteed with cross-border payments are non-refundable.