Your Bucket List Spa Experience Awaits

Your Bucket List Spa Experience Awaits

If you want to make the most of your December holiday, start working on that bucket list!

I recently decided to approach my  bucket list with more dedication and believe it or not, it  doesn’t have be a “one day far away from  now” thing. Your bucket list can and should be something you work on continuously.

We all know the saying,  you only live once, and we all know how serious this statement actually is, but why do we always tend to save everything for one day? Our bucket lists must become an everyday thing.

I am not saying I’ll stop dreaming about that trip to Venice or a photoshoot in Santorini, but I am also just as excited about some of the smaller more accessible possibilities in life.

Here are a few pointers and one marvellous idea..

Make you bucket list achievable

Sediko Bush Spa is only a few hours’ drive away and yes, some of the treatments (actually all) are totally bucket list quality. So here’s my ultimate (accessible) bucket list item to tick off this December… Sediko’s Signature Hammam treatment.


Do it right the first time… you only live once

To make the most of my bucket list spa experience I have booked two nights in a Palala suite. This means I can avoid the rush and start the spa day with a three course sparkling wine breakfast where a session of royal indulgence will be at the order of the day…

And then my journey to the bush spa will begin…


The Turkish world of Hammam at Sediko

One of the most unique treatments found in South Africa, is definitely the Hammam therapy. This therapy is actually based on a traditional Turkish bathing ritual and takes you on a journey of cleansing and profound relaxation.

Sediko’s Hammam is exactly that and so much more! It is an extraordinary ceremony of purification.
Ever since I first heard about this treatment during a tour of the spa, I immediately added it to my bucket list!

The Hammam takes place in one of the most beautiful treatment rooms at Sediko, which was specifically designed only for this treatment. A Turkish themed room with a peaceful starry sky to ensure your mind immediately escapes your busy life. The room is warm and the marble formation is heated which instantly opens up pores ensuring your skin is as ready as it can be for a cleansing ritual of note.

You’ll be lying on the heated marble surface with nothing but a towel… yes, this treatment is intense, but for all the right reasons. A therapist will start the ritual by pouring warm water all over your body and then apply a black olive soap containing enzymes which eats away dead skin. This is where I get excited! Just imagine that silky feeling of your skin after this session!

The therapist will then remove the dead skin by exfoliating the body with a special kessa glove.
Exfoliation is followed by a foamy washing experience to cleanse the last bit of dirt from your body AND if you need final convincing… this treatment is ended with a full body massage and application of body milk, nourishing the skin with vitamins and minerals enhancing deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

Sediko’s Hammam therapy is completed within an hour and a half which leaves me with only one question… how close is the nearest bed? My plan is to simply walk over to Sediko’s pool, with that amazing bush view, and take an afternoon nap on a tan bed. Each tan bed has its own curtained cubicle, so privacy shouldn’t be a problem.
Perhaps a refreshing frozen cocktail later the afternoon, to regain my strengths, and then slowly ease into the life of functioning human beings to prepare myself for a fine dining experience at Matoppie restaurant.
Can you imagine all of this in the middle of the bush? With the sound of a fish eagle while the sun sets…

This overall stay can easily tick of at least two bucket list items…

➢getting a real Hammam experience- Check 
➢experiencing the ultimate feeling of relaxation in the best way possible- Check

AND THAT… is how you approach a bucket list of easily accessible possibilities.

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