The 5 reasons why a visit to Sediko Bush Spa is good for your health

The 5 reasons why a visit to Sediko Bush Spa is good for your health

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The 5 reasons why a visit to Sediko Bush Spa is good for your health…

We  live in a time where we all need an emergency weekend away every now and then. Somewhere to go to escape, switch off all connections to the outside world and rediscover ourselves.

Sediko Spa will soon become your one stop to a new you. Need I say more?
Today we tell you all about the health benefits of regular visits to the spa.

1. The Ultimate feeling of escape.

The first and most obvious step to take when you are feeling overwhelmed is to get away and move closer to nature. Studies have shown that frequent visits to the bush can have a positive effect on mental health and decrease feelings of anxiety.

What better way to get away from the hustle and bustle than visiting Sediko at Palala.

Palala is situated in what most people describe as the middle of nowhere and to top it all off, Sediko is designed in such a way that guests will be transferred to a remote location in the bush. Not too close, but not too far from the lodge. The setting is perfect, the view of the dam is magical with many small animals visiting the scene. Who doesn’t love the sound of a real fish eagle passing by.

Now that your surroundings are taken care of let’s talk about your treatments.

2. The importance of physical contact

Did you know that physical contact is actually necessary to one’s well-being?

According to Professor Virginia Sadock (Psychiatry NYU)
“Going to a spa is a way of getting taken care of that is psychologically and culturally acceptable — and we can carry that feeling of being cared for with us for a period of time, and very often that can help us cope better with stress.”

Being treated by a professional spa therapist should therefore become your number one priority for dealing with stress.


3. Blood Circulation

Studies show that a massage is good for blood circulation. A full body massage helps to flush lactic acid which, not only improves circulation, but it also helps to rid the muscles and organs from metabolic waste. All in all it improves overall body function.

By now you should start seeing the value of regular visits to Sediko. Who knows, it might mean less visits to the doctor.

4. A massage at Sediko = eating chocolate = a gym workout

Yes, you guessed it… #dopamine

The feel-good hormone released by eating chocolate or (ironically) a good gym workout is called Dopamine and a session at the spa is all about increasing your body’s release of Dopamine and Serotonin. It has been proved that Serotonin and Dopamine enhances positive feelings in the mind and decreases feelings of depression and loneliness.

This means after spending time at Sediko Bush Spa you will go back to work feeling, not only refreshed and relaxed, but more focussed and ready to own your goals.
They say… procrastination is linked to low levels of dopamine, as dopamine plays a huge role in motivating us to take action towards goals and make us feel super when achieving them.

By now even your boss should start appreciating the value of a visit to Sediko. Wouldn’t it be great if we can all get some sick leave for our quarterly spa appointments?

Stay tuned to find out more about the international renowned treatments coming soon to Sediko at Palala.

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